Get right back to your life before diagnosis with a breast tumor ablation

Ablations can kill and destroy localized tumors within less than two hours!

Cryoablation. How it works

When is tumor ablation an option?

The ability to treat the tumor will depend on several factors including the type of tumor, location, size, and how well the tumor can be seen under image guidance. Thermal ablation can be used to treat metastatic breast tumor cancers, where cancer spreads to another part of the body, to eliminate pain and other symptoms. Clinical trials support the use of Breast Tumor Ablation to treat benign (non cancerous) breast tumors called fibroadenomas.

Surgnova Dophi™ M150E Microwave Ablation System

FivePoints Cancer Care Procedure

KEEP YOUR BREAST INTACT Quick Recovery Time SHORTER OUTPATIENT PROCEDURE UNNEEDED POST-OP CARE ISOLATED TUMORS TAREGTED AND DESTROYED Keep your breast Intact No tissue is harmed or destroyed removing the need for reconstruction. No visible scarring. No ner- ves cut leaving your breast and nipple sensation preserved. Quick Recovery Time Able to resume your regular life almost immediately just take it easy for the rest of the day. Shorter outpatient procedure Depending on size of the tumor, the procedure usually takes 15 mins. to 1 hr. Unneeded Post-Op Care Minimally, invasive procedure. No wounds to clean. No dressings to change. No need for a family member to help. Get right back to your life! Isolated tumors targeted and destroyed Tumors are either exposed to liquid nitrogen then thawed then frozen again or destroyed and cooked by extreme heat for complete cancer cell death.

How long does a Breast Tumor Ablation procedure take?

A typical breast tumor ablation procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours - depending on the type and location of the tumor. However, many breast tumor procedures can take as little as 20 to 45 minutes.

Risks of Breast Tumor Ablation?

Breast Tumor Ablation is generally very safe and the risks involved are generally lower than compared to surgery. As with all medical procedures, there is a small risk of bleeding, infection, and accidental damage to nearby, healthy organs.

What happens to the tumors after Breast Tumor Ablation?

During thermal ablation, a cryogenic gas or microwave heat is used to destroy all breast tumor tissue within minutes, ultimately cutting off blood flow to the tumor. The dead tissue is slowly absorbed by the body's inflammatory cells. These cells engulf and remove unwanted cells in a process called phagocytosis. Over the next few weeks or even months, the breast tumor's dead tissue is replaced by a fibrous, collagenous scar.

Breast Tumor Ablation and Immunotherapy

Recent clinical studies have shown that combining Breast Tumor Ablation with immunotherapy can create an exciting and effective treatment strategy for breast tumor patients. In addition to destroying the tumor, Breast Tumor Ablation can also stimulate the patient's immune system to fight cancer. When used together, the two treatments can create a synergy (positive combination), or a successful tumor vaccine, that can eliminate all visible diseases. This new treatment strategy is currently being evaluated for its effectiveness particularly in breast tumor patients. Clinical evidence also suggests that Breast Tumor Ablation can control breast cancer without causing significant side effects such as a brutally disfiguring mastectomy.

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Introducing FivePoints Cancer Care Thermal Ablation

FivePoints Cancer Care is a comprehensive program to treat cancer tumors, developed by Integrative Cancer Centers of America.

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